Forklift Driver Leads Police On Slowest, Most Unique Chase

If anyone in the San Diego area is missing a forklift, it might have been on the streets of Midway. There was a Grand Theft Forklift situation unfolding over the weekend.

The video of the “police chase” (for lack of a better term) was posted to Reddit. After watching it there are a lot of questions that have yet to answered. So if you know anything about the situation, please let us know.

The video starts off with a blue forklift being driven out of the parking lot onto the street and the driver hangs a right, directly in front of a pair of police vehicles. It’s unclear if the cops are there for another reason, they were called about a forklift incident, or it was just a right place and time situation. Either way, the cops see the forklift in motion and flip on the lights and sirens.

The driver keeps going up and down the street for a good few minutes while the cops follow slowly behind her. Eventually she pulls into a parking lot where officers are able to apprehend her but c’mon.

The fact the video is 3+ minutes at all is pretty ridiculous. At one point one Reddit user points out the officers were stating “this is the San Diego police department if you are missing a forklift please call 911” over the speakers. It had to be quite the sight to see.

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