Forklift Crash Brings Down The Entire Stock Room

Talk about a rough day!

A couple of forklift drivers are seen in the back of a stock room somewhere. Nothing really seems out of the ordinary for the good part of the beginning of the video. It’s like any other day in the back of the store! Well, until disaster strikes!

The forklift driver on the left is beginning to drive forward. The forklift seems to be going at a moderate, normal pace at first. Suddenly the driver slams on the gas pedal on accident and turns it DIRECTLY into one of the stock shelves! Now the unthinkable happens! The shelf itself, not just the boxes, but the shelf itself begins to come crashing down on top of the forklift drivers!

The first shelf that is falling then crashes into the shelf across from it, causing THAT shelf and its boxes to come crashing down also! Now we have both shelves completely collapsed with boxes and debris COMPLETELY covering the ground, including the drivers and their forklifts! Whoa! Talk about a complete fail! You then see other workers come out of no where to help with the disaster! What a mess! What do you think about this fail? Let us know in the comments!