License to Thrill: These Aston Martin-Inspired Speedboats Will Bring Out Your Inner James Bond

For decades, James Bond has got behind the wheel of some impressive, stylish, and technologically advanced vehicles ranging from a bulletproof Aston Martin DB5 with dual Gatling gun headlights, a V8 Vantage Volante with rocket boosters, to the invisible Vanquish (aka “Vanish”). And who could forget the water-bound Lotus Espirit from The Spy Who Loved Me? Now, a Brazilian company known as Seacar is making waves (pun slightly intended) by making the fantasy of James Bond’s style a reality to the open sea.

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A Boat That Looks Like an Aston Martin?

Seacar has been attracting all sorts of attention thanks to the development of the Vehigh and Maestry, two speedboats that are convincingly designed to look like real cars. While some amphibian vehicles can function both on land and water, Seacar’s Vehigh and Maestry are strictly crafted for the sea, despite looking like they’re meant for the road.

The Vehigh and Maestry don’t just take on the overall shape of the Vantage. They also feature similarly designed front grill openings, droptop shape with a structural beam running between the heads of the driver and passenger, and wheel covers.

For an extra splash of excitement, Seacar claims that both the Vehigh and Maestry can reach a top speed of 60 mph on the water, providing a wet and wild alternative to the high-end luxury sports cars normally associated with James Bond’s harrowing adventures. But here’s the catch: these limited-production speedboats are available only in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

So perhaps Americans will have to wait before they can live out their dreams of being a spy with a cool ride. But then again, a boat that looks like a sports car isn’t exactly the most discreet means of transportation, is it?

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