Ford Truck vs Dodge Truck FAIL!

Trucks get stuck off roading all the time, it happens. If your truck gets stuck off roading what do you do? Well if you can’t make it out on your own, you get a friend to help get you out with his truck right? That’s obviously what happened here, except this poor little Ford truck couldn’t handle the Dodge truck at all.

After the Ford driver has everything secured on both trucks, he gets into his truck to prepare to drive the Dodge out of there. When he stomps on the gas, the Dodge barely gets unstuck before the Fords bumper literally flies off. How does this happen, seriously? Either the bumper wasn’t on there correctly or this Ford wasn’t built for that kind of situation. What do you think happened?

Although pretty funny, we’re sure it was pretty embarrassing for the Ford driver to try to do a good thing by getting the Dodge out of a bad situation but ended up failing miserably. Maybe next time if he has to rescue someones truck he will have a bigger truck? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments! For more cool videos, stay tuned on