Ford Only Parking, Hertz Z06 Rental, Mud Truck Flip, Faulty Tesla Bumper, Thompson Land Speed Record, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• A Ford Plant Employee Who Got His Dodge Towed At Work
• A 650 HP Corvette Z06 Is Now A Rental Option From Hertz
• A Mud Truck Flip Leaves The Driver Stuck Upside Down Under Water
• Tesla Loses Rear Bumper From Getting Rained On
• Danny Thompson Set A Land Speed Record In Dad’s Car
• And Top Five Fast Fails: Mud Truck edition

Ford Parking Fiasco

It’s not uncommon to see Employee Only parking spaces. But Ford takes it to the extreme by giving priority parking to employees who drive Ford vehicles. Unfortunately, Cleveland Engine Plant employee, Kevin Carter, found that out the hard way when his 2008 Dodge Avenger was towed and cost him $177 to get out of impound and an additional $1,500 in body damage he said was done at that time. To be fair, Carter had received written warning notices about the parking violation. The spots have been around for decades and the local United Auto Workers union and plant management agreed they could stay. Do you think the rule is too much?

Hertz Z06
When you think of your rental car options you usually think mid-size sedans or SUVs. Something practical with decent gas mileage. But Hertz is offering up a Z06 in celebration of its 100th birthday. There will be 100 “Hertz Anniversary Editions” at 14 airport rental stations. All come equipped with the 6.2-liter V8 and 650 HP but unfortunately, will be capped at 75 miles before you start paying 75 cents a mile on top of the $199 base fee. Is it worth it? If you want something flashier than an Impala, maybe,

Mud Truck Crash
If you’re a mud truck driver or off-roader in general, you better be prepared for any and everything to happen. FaceBook Page Awesome Documentary posted this video of a driver who was running the track when his truck got away from him, flipped and landed upside down in the water. The driver was stuck upside down in the pond until rescue workers and spectators could free him but luckily he’s ok!

Tesla Bumper Fail
Vehicles aren’t made of armor, but you expect a little more from modern cars. Especially when you pay as much as you pay for a Tesla. But new Model 3 owner Rithesh Nair was unimpressed when a half hour after purchasing the Tesla, he was on his way home and ran into some rain. Normally not a big deal. Except for his bumper just fell off in the middle of the road! The theory is that the bumper cover got separated from the screws and since a piece of the shielding was missing, rain water got in and the extra weight tore the bumper cover off.

Land Speed Danny Thompson, son of Mickey Thompson, set the land speed record for piston-powered, wheel-driven cars at the Bonneville Salt Flats. He drove the same car that Mickey first brought to Utah in 1968. However, Mickey never drove the Challenger 2 due to bad weather. The car has a twin nitro-burning Hemi V8s with 5,000 HP and he made the pass at 450,9 MPH smashed old record of 439.5 MPH. Awesome!

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