Ford F-150 Comes to the Rescue and Saves Wedding From Power Outage

Ford F-150 Power Outlets | Ford

Save the date took on a whole new meaning.

How many Ford engineers does it take to save a wedding? Well, in this case, two and an F-150. Regardless of where your allegiances fall, whether it be Chevrolet, Ford, or even a Honda Ridgeline (we’re only half-judging you), it’s hard not to like Ford a little bit after this story.

The Ford F-150 is the most popular truck in the United States, and it recently added to its list of capabilities by saving a couple’s special day with its generator. The couple? They just happen to be engineers at Ford. No matter how you spin it, it’s impressive, but if the couple owned a Chevy or Dodge truck, they might have traded it in for a Ford before heading out on their honeymoon.

It all took place recently in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Severe thunderstorms rolling through caused the wedding delay in the area. Unfortunately, it led to a power outage, which we’re sure the wedding planner didn’t anticipate when putting everything together. Harish Thiruvengadam told Fox News Autos that “everything was going fine, it was a great party, actually, and out of the blue there was a power outage.”

Ford F-150 Limited | Ford

They realized the power outage was more serious than a tripped circuit breaker, and that’s when Thiruvengadam sprang into action to save the day. Actually, he didn’t quite save the day – his quick thinking did – but the star of the show was his F-150 PowerBoost, equipped with a 7.2-kilowatt generator and outlets in the bed.

Thiruvengadam grabbed all of the extension cords for the music and lights, plugged them in, and voila! With the flip of a switch, crisis averted. We can imagine the crowd was cheering and that his wife was elated. Many in attendance work in the auto industry and were shocked about the truck and wanted to know if their cars could do the same. We know a few people who might be considering a Ford now.

This is certainly a story they’ll tell their kids and grandkids one day, about how their special day was saved by the most unlikely of heroes, their Ford F-150. This is where brand loyalty stems from, everyone.

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