Ford Develops New Patent for Pet-Friendly Seats

We all love driving in our cars. But you know who really loves going for a ride? Your dog.

Although cars and trucks were not purposefully designed for dogs, Ford has taken steps to cater more to our four-legged friends in a recent patent application that would be able to detect and monitor the presence of your pet, as well as adjust its seat to accommodate it. As part of the patent, the monitoring system would be able to adjust the angle of the seat base and back from 5 to 30 degrees.

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The Bluetooth controller equipped into the monitoring system would be able to detect any movement by your pet throughout the cabin interior, and would automatically configure the seats based in its location.

This follows a similar patent submitted by Ford in Feb 2022 that would include a “Pet Mode” feature. This would allow the owner to turn on certain functions within the vehicle while their pet is still inside like lowering the windows, opening the sunroof, turning on air conditioning, opening the hatchback, etc.

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