First Step? Tear Down! Starting a Classic Bronco Rebuild

1974 Ford Bronco before getting gutted and sandblasted

With the new Ford Bronco coming out, we thought there was no better time than the present to dive into a new project. What did we decide? To build a 1974 Bronco of our own sponsored by Sea Foam. Our goal is to upgrade just about everything on the truck and add a new supercharged Edelbrock Coyote crate engine, suspension, fuel system, transfer case, axles, and basically everything you can think of to overhaul the rig.

More before shots of the 1974 Bronco before tearing it apart

The start of a project is always exciting and a bit nerve-wracking because you aren’t always sure of what you’re getting into until you tear it apart, which has proven to be quite a task. Our Beach Cruiser Bronco originated from a local source near the shop, but the owner realized it was a bit more work than they were expecting and handed it over to us to take over.

We separated the frame from the chassis for sand blasting

This first week has consisted of separating the body from the frame, sandblasting, and ordering every piece of sheet metal you can imagine. The next step is to look for any problems we could face and start moving forward, but make sure to follow along as we document this series and continue checking back for updates!

Sandblasting complete
Brandon is satisfied with his work!

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