1969 Big Oly Ford Bronco Sells for $1.7 Million at Mecum

1969 Big Oly Ford Bronco | Mecum

The highly anticipated main attraction at Mecum Indy 2021, Big Oly, was expected to attract many potential buyers and command a whopping price tag; it didn’t disappoint. It went for a wallet-draining $1.7 million! Although we’re not surprised based on its illustrious history, it’s still a lot of zeros to see on a screen.

The 1969 Big Oly Ford Bronco is a legendary off-road vehicle, and it was driven by Parnelli Jones and Bill Stroppe to victory in the 1971 Baja 1000, 1972 Baja 1000, 1973 Baja 500, and 1973 Mint 400. It goes by the name “Big Oly” to honor its sponsorship by Olympia Brewing Company, and it’s a vehicle that changed the design principles and construction for off-road racing.

Parnelli built this Bronco, drove with it, won with it, and it’s all Parnelli. It was designed around his specifications of faster, stronger, and lighter. It’s 154 inches long, 72 inches wide, and weighs 2,620 pounds. It’s draped in fiberglass and aluminum bodywork and has a 351/390 horsepower Ford Windsor V8.

1969 Big Oly Ford Bronco | Mecum

The build was created to push boundaries; it did just that. It was one factor behind the inspiration of Music City Trucks’ most recent Beach Cruiser Bronco project. The truck itself is iconic, but to be raced by arguably the most iconic racer in sports history? It’s a combination like no other, which is why it netted such a big payday.

When asked how much it would go for, the commentator responded, “what do you compare it to? There’s nothing else like it on the planet!” This is the best-known, most desirable, and most valuable Ford Bronco on the planet. It’s the legend of the performance image of the Bronco and has belonged to Parnelli Jones since it was built over 50 years ago.

After 50 years, it’s being sold directly from the source and will change owners for the first time. “You’ll never get the chance again to buy this truck,” so it’s hard to put into words how special this is for the new owner.

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