Falling Rock Takes Out Dirt Biker

When it comes to off roading, anything can happen. When you’re driving off road in a car or a bike, you have to worry about the elements, like rain, water, mud and sometimes flying rocks. However, the difference between off roading on a bike as opposed to a car, is that it’s MUCH easier to fall on the ground. In this crazy video you see a group of dirt bikers having some fun off roading somewhere in the woods.

A rider soon comes out of nowhere and begins to speed up a hill. Now what happens next is super unexplainable because there wasn’t any information on where exactly this rock came from. As the biker speeds up the hill, a FLYING rock comes literally out of no where and smashes into the biker, sending him crashing to the ground! What?! Where did that come from? In slow motion you see the rock hit the right shoulder of the biker, which causes him to wipe out. You can hear people gasp in the background. This is wild! What do you think about this? Dirt bikers, have you had anything similar to this happen to you before? Let us know in the comments!