Factory Five Racing 818 Coupe! - PowerNation Week #42

  This week on PowerNation Factory Five Racing president Dave Smith is back and he fills Courtney’s studio with 3 FFR iconic cars. Dave will detail how Engine Power is going to build his new 818 Coupe powered by Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost 4. The 818 had been a sporting a Subaru engine for the international market, but customers wanted an awesome American engine and Ford’s new EcoBoost was a perfect fit. The guys at Factory Five were given the CAD files from Ford so they could size up the engine mounts and place the headers, etc. Now it’s up to Engine Power to build it and then drop the hammer on the street. You can catch that build in 2016. Also this week the winner of the WD-40 Specialist Xtreme Off Road Jeep drops in to claim their prize. It’s a full block of tech so make sure you tune in.
Factory Five Racing 818 Coupe!

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