Factory Five BEV 818 Makes A 9 Second Run At 129.6 MPH

Last September Factory Five worked together with Chris Tapp on his 818. Tapp Auto in Ontario installed a Chevy Volt battery with a Tesla S electric motor into a Factory Five 818C that was originally a kit engineered to use a Subaru WRX drivetrain.

After extensive work tuning and programming, they were able to match everything to a drive unit from a Tesla Model S. While they were in the middle of the build, they figured out that they could pull more performance if they swapped in the motor from the P85. They then proceeded to run a 9.86 second 1/4 mile. It’s pretty awesome.

After they updated the P85 engine of the Tesla, Road & Track reported that Chris ran a 9.869 second 1/4 mile at just under 130 MPH. If you need some help putting that into perspective, check these numbers out: the fastest drag strip run as of now for Tesla’s newest P100D is in the range of 10.7 seconds. And that’s while it’s engaged in Insane Mode! The range on this car is something to take into consideration, too. When it’s not busy smoking tires on the drag strip this car supposedly can get 200 miles of range from the dual Volt battery. So this is definitely an impressive car to watch!

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