Exactly Why You Should “Pass With Care’ When Signs Are Posted

Signs are posted for a reason. Especially when it comes to passing on narrow roads or areas with blind spots. We get it, being stuck behind a slower driver on a two-lane backroad can be frustrating. But so can the result if you pass incorrectly.

The driver of this Jeep Liberty ran out of patience and decided to ingore the “Pass With Care” sign posted in the beginning of the video. Rob Menczywor posted a clip of his dash cam that shows the moment the Jeep Liberty driver went rogue. First, you see an impatient Ford F-150 pickup truck driver fly by him. Soon after the Jeep Liberty follows but has a different outcome. The driver overcorrected when they saw the oncoming vehicle and basically lost control of the Jeep. It results in the Jeep fishtailing out of control and barrle rolling into someone’s front lawn.

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