Dirt Bike Stunt Turns Into Skydiving

This dirt bike stunt turned into a nightmare when this biker got separated from his bike and went flying. It starts off you see the biker riding in the grass and then goes up over a ramp. He gets some pretty massive air and tries to do some sort of stunt but fails to hold on to his bike mid-air. This is when things get crazy! The biker tries to grab back onto his bike as he’s literally flying through the air but doesn’t have any luck. He then is literally in a free fall through the air like he just went skydiving! Scary!!

The slow motion replay is just insane. You can bet he was super freaked out as he was flying directly down to the ground. He eventually slams into the ground below which just turns into an incredible fail. This is super intense because like most dirt bike stunts, it has the potential to go from super awesome to super scary really quick! What do you think about this stunt gone wrong? All the dirtbikers out there, what’s your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments what you think. For more cool videos, stay tuned on PowerNationTV.com.