Demon Upgrades Are Surprisingly Cheap

The Demon being released is old news BUT Dodge has come out with the pricing and it’s surprisingly cheaper than most people thought with MSRP at $84,995, And get this…several of the options cost $1. For a car with 840 horsepower and 9.65-second quarter mile, that’s not bad.

So if you decide to beef up your SRT Demon from the stock version to get the Demon Crate you’ll have to shell out an additional 4 quarters, according to Road and Track. The Demon Crate is the package of options like the ECU upgrade that bumps up the horsepower from 808 to that 840 they talk about. You also get narrow front-runner drag wheels, unfortunately, with no tires included, a high-flow air filter, and all the tools you’ll need to switch your tires out when you get to the drag strip. Dodge says the Crate is valued at over $6,000 and even has your name, VIN, and serial number engraved on it. Other things you can add for $1 include a passenger seat, rear seats, or trunk liner.

Obviously other upgrades like leather and heated seats will cost you upwards of $1,000 but it’s not every day you can get options for a bargain, let alone $1. If you were already lining up for the Demon, would you drop the extra 5 bucks?

This Sunday at 9am there’s all new tech from the shops. In Truck Tech, the ’89 Blazer gets stripped to bare metal for repair, and the SuperMax Silverado is treated to front suspension, fuel delivery upgrades, and performance brakes. And this week on PowerNation Katie features the 1967 Gabriel El Camino that you can enter to win. Truck Tech’s Jeremy and LT haven’t finished it yet, but we wanted to show it to you now after the awesome paint scheme Jeremy laid down. Gabriel’s Director of Marketing Jonathon Gore will join Katie to talk about the 50th anniversary of HiJacker Shocks and how this El Camino is a celebration of that. It has a LS making about 550 horsepower and of course comes with HiJacker Shocks. Check it out this week on PowerNation. To enter you can visit or

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