DeLorean Hovercraft, Ridesharing Rewards, Amateur Ice Stunt, Heroic Grandmother, Apple Co-Founder On Self-Driving Cars, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• A DeLorean Hovercraft You Can Own
• Ridesharing Services Are Now Starting Airline-Style Rewards Programs
• It’s That Time Of Year For Ice Stunts To Come Back
• A Grandma Crashed Into A Stolen Car To Save Her Grandson
• Apple Co-Founder Says Self-Driving Cars Won’t Happen Anytime Soon
• And Top 5 Fast Fails

DeLorean Hovercraft
Want to go back to the future? Check out this working DeLorean Hovercraft up for sale on eBay! It’s built by Matt Riese and actually made from insulation foam and fiberglass but is painted to imitate stainless steel. It sits on a homebuilt hovercraft chassis and houses a 23 HP engine with a separate engine for the hover fan. It’s selling for $45,000…would you buy it?

Ridesharing Rewards
Airlines aren’t the only ones with rewards programs anymore. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are following suit. Points can be used for discounted trips and you accumulate points based on how much you spend. For every 500 points, the customer receives $5 in their account. There are separate tiers ranging from 500 on the low end to 7,500 on the high end with Uber Black and SUV earning the most at 3 points a ride. The downside is, your total resets every 6 months. Would you use this?

Go Kart Ice Stunt
It’s that time of year where people are breaking out their snow tires and getting onto the snow and ice. This year’s first awesome video is courtesy of FaceBook page “No Turbo – No Party”. It features a go-kart on studded tires that gets out on the lake and starts popping wheelies…have an awesome winter weather video? Send it to us!

Grandma Save
Way to go, grandma! Knoxville grandmother, Melissa Ewing was driving in a parking lot when she heard screaming and saw her daughter’s car leave its parking spot. She thought her daughter and grandson were being abducted but it turned out her daughter had actually gone inside and left the car unlocked and running with son inside. Someone had jumped in the car in the attempt to steal it when Melissa got in her car and crashed into her daughter’s car which sent the thief running and luckily nobody was hurt.

Steve Wozniak On Autonomous Cars
If you only read the headlines, you might think autonomous cars are just around the corner. But Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, tells us we still have a while. His personal experience has led him to believe this

In a TV interview with CNBC, the former Apple engineer said the self-driving car industry is far from ready for consumer use. Wozniak says he had once hoped that Apple would build the first self-driving car. Wozniak was initially excited about the prospect and purchased a Tesla to be “a part of the crowd” ushering in the era of autonomous driving. But he is critical of how the company has progressed to that goal in the intervening years.

Instead, he now sees “assistive driving” to help cars spot red lights, stop signs, and avoid accidents as the way to go.

Tesla’s autopilot technology does a really good job of driving the car and can carry out maneuvers like changing lanes in traffic on its own but it still requires the driver to keep their hands on the wheel.

When asked if there was a time he wished Apple had bought Tesla, he admitted there was a time when he thought such an idea was desirable because Tesla was “making a real statement” for electric cars. But while he gives major credit to Tesla for kickstarting the electric vehicle revolution, he has since grown disappointed with the company that has come to be synonymous with self-driving consumer vehicles.

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