Dallas Deputies Under Investigation For Racing Patrol Cars At Drag Strip

A viral video has led to an investigation of Dallas Deputies. The video shows two Dallas County Sheriff’s patrol vehicles racing before a crowd at a drag strip in North Texas.

While cops are being watched more than ever lately, it’s no surprise something like this tipped off an investigation. However, it should be noted that the entire thing is legal. Local Dallas news station WFAA covered the situation at Yello Belly dragstrip in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Two officers and their Dodge Charger Pursuits are shown racing side by side down the strip, complete with a small crowd of “fans”. But while the racing portion was legal, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office says that not only was the deputy’s participation not authorized, they only learned about the incident once a video of the race was posted online.

The Sheriff’s Office may not be in favor of it, the crowd that was in attendance was in full support saying they like seeing a lighter side of the Boys in Blue given today’s social unrest.

Do you think this is worthy of the officers being reprimanded? Or should the Sheriff let it go and chalk it up to a night of fun?

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