Customer’s Ford Mustang GT Wrecked By Dealer During Test Drive After Supercharger Installation

Mark Grage’s Original Facebook Post Dated 2/10/20

Every so often a dealer-gone-wrong story makes it to social media. Mark Grage has the latest tale to tell of a dealership mechanic who had a little too much fun in his ride.

Mark Grage Facebook

Colorado dealership, Loveland Ford, has been put on blast after one of its mechanics got behind the wheel of a customer’s Ford Mustang following a supercharger installation and wrecked it.

Mark Grage Facebook

The dealership’s general manager, Harry Johnston, has said Mark Grage is a longtime customer and recently purchased a sixth-gen Mustang. Grage decided it needed a little more power, so he reached out to Loveland Ford to have them install a supercharger. That’s where things took a turn.

Grage took to Facebook to outline what happened. Grage said a “mechanics apprentice and his friend took the car out to see what it would do”. The car was wrecked upon return.

However, The Drive reached out to the dealership who gave them their side of the incident. According to the general manager, all cars that undergo a factory-supplied supercharger installation are required to undergo a routine test drive to ensure that there are no issues. A full-time technician reportedly left the shop with the vehicle and lost control resulting in the wreck. It’s reported that the technician was cited for careless driving and is no longer employed by the dealership.

In addition, the dealership took full responsibility and worked with their insurance to pay off Grage’s car over the next month.

Although the fix took longer than expected due to insurance and paperwork red tape, ultimately, the dealership says Grage was made fully whole a few days before the original Facebook post was made.

Grage updated his Facebook page saying he is happy with the outcome and that all he wanted was an apology and to feel valued as a customer.

Since my last post, Loveland Ford's management team has reached out to me to apologize and acknowledge that the entire…

Posted by Mark Grage on Monday, February 10, 2020

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