Couple’s Ford Fusion “Given Away” By Dealership While In For Service

When you take your car in to be serviced you expect to get it back, right?

Well, a couple is rightfully furious at a Sacramento County car dealership after they claim their vehicle was stolen right off the lot.

“We dropped off our vehicle for service for the A/C because it’s starting to get warm in Sacramento,” Steve Russell said.

Last Friday, Steve and his wife left their 2017 Ford Fusion at the Future Ford dealership but saw something that made them feel uneasy.

“The employee left the vehicle unlocked. He had the keys with him,” Steve said. “About two hours later, we were called and someone said that our vehicle had been stolen from the lot.”

California Highway Patrol says a woman had come into the dealership with her boyfriend, leaned into the Russells’ Fusion without telling him and grabbed the identification tag and used the tag to claim to be the owner.

An employee reportedly handed the woman the keys without asking for identification. The CHP says the car was later recovered. The woman was not arrested but has been charged with grand theft auto.

After getting the Fusion back, the Russells say it had significant damage to its front left tire and the inside was trashed. They feel the dealership should have done more to prevent this.

“It took them an hour and a half to contact me. Like everybody else, our garage remote and our address was in the vehicle. So my fear was they took my car and now they’re robbing us as well,” Trish said.

The dealership’s general manager told local news WHNT that because their insurance is involved, he has been advised not to comment. The Russells said the dealership told them they will cover the costs of the damage done to the car while it was stolen.

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