Crowd Of Supercar Drivers Block Main Highway Entrance To The Florida Keys For Photo Op

Saw the most arrogant show of money I’ve seen since before 2008 collapse. A shutdown of the 18 mile stretch to take pictures posing with about a dozen Lamborghinis.Sorta a cool pic but kinda sucks for the traffic jam.

Posted by David Smith on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Another case of “money can’t buy common sense”. Facebook user David Smith took a video of nearly two dozen supercar owners obstructing traffic on the main Florida highway all in the name of a photoshoot.

You can see several supercars and luxury SUVs in the northbound lane of Florida’s U.S. 1 backing up traffic on the 18-mile stretch that links mainland Florida with the Florida Keys. After counting there appear to be at least 20 vehicles involved including Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Range Rovers.

Not only were the supercars in the northbound lane blocking traffic but people heading south were stopping to take pictures of the whole scene. It created such a situation because the Overseas Highway is the main route off of the islands and also predominantly one lane in either direction.

Courtesy The Drive via bossmansvj Instagram

Apparently, the photo above (which of course has since been deleted) was worth all the hassle. Wonder if everyone stuck in the residual traffic would agree?

People across the internet have pretty much agreed that the whole thing was dumb although there are the few that think the photo was cool and worth the effort. It’s reported that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the incident and working with the FHP to investigate the incident.

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