Crane Tow Truck Fail! Chain Breaks

This is somewhat reminiscent of the video we posted a while back of the crane dropping a brand new locomotive. Sometimes cranes fail and drop super expensive and delicate things. Anytime you’re lifting a heavy piece of machinery, a potential case of disaster can occur. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as inadequate equipment like using the wrong type of crane for instance. Some cases are a little more confusing to understand what exactly happened however.

In this video we see a very badly damaged Volkswagen Touareg after a car accident. A tow truck is there on the scene to help pickup the car to get it onto the back of the tow truck. Well, apparently the wrong type of chain or something was used because as you can see from the video, whatever harness system they used didn’t work so well. You see the VW being slowly lowered down to the truck bed before suddenly a snap in the chain happens and the VW falls over into the road. Not that it could even get more damaged than it already was but still, we’re sure the owner wasn’t too happy about this! What do you think about it?