Could You Unlock Your Car This Way In 30 Seconds?

As clever as the method might be, let’s be honest…most people wouldn’t use this as their go-to if they’re locked out and it probably takes longer than 30-seconds. If you have a car with locks like this, would it be your method of choice? Us either. Can you just picture the frustration that would occur trying to get that knot 1) up and into the window and around the lock in the first place and 2) keeping it on there tight enough to actually pull the lock up and free?

The video says in 30 seconds but we have a feeling some editing and fast forwarding might have gone into making the video look seamless and easy. The guy magically slips the neatly tied string in the window and happens to hook the lock on the first try (go figure) AND pull it up in one swift motion. A lot of cars don’t have locks like this anymore, anyways. But if you do and you want to give it a try, we want to hear how it worked out for you.

It’s probably easier and less time-consuming to grab your spares or call AAA. But hey, we do give the guy credit for creativity.