Could a Ford Bronco Pickup Be In the Works?

2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

With the announcement of the all-new Maverick pickup still fresh in our mind, which we dubbed an exceptional choice as a light work truck, we were stunned to see that Ford Authority dropped a bombshell photo of a Jeep Gladiator pickup with manufacturer plates entering Ford’s Detroit facility. What does this mean? Another pickup, possibly.

A Bronco pickup truck would be an obvious foe to the Jeep Gladiator, and it’s why the photo has relit speculation around the idea. A pickup version would compete well with Jeep, and the pickup version of the Bronco is thought to be launched in 2023 or 2024. It makes sense why the Jeep was entering the facility for what Ford Authority reports as the second time.

With the popularity of the Ford Bronco name surging, (did it ever stop surging?) it’s a no-brainer that the automaker is doing everything they can to build on their current success. The original Ford Bronco came as a two-door half cab pickup from 1966 to 1972, so it’s a long time in the making and could be delightful news to Bronco loyalists if true.

You might ask yourself – should they add another truck to their lineup? We have to answer that question with a resounding yes! The options in the mid-size market leave a lot to be desired. Not everyone needs the gigantic trucks in production today, so the more options the better. If Ford is going to produce it, you know buyers will be in line begging to give their money away, evident by the current Ford Bronco netting 190,000 reservations and converting sales at an astonishing 65 percent.

2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

So, why does this make sense for Ford, other than from a consumer standpoint of being awesome? Well, in addition to strong Bronco sales, the Jeep Gladiator sales have also done extraordinarily well with 77,000 total in 2020, proving there is a market for the pickup Bronco. It may not be a workhorse like we expect the Maverick to be, but it’ll certainly attract those who scoff at the notion of an SUV to go beat up on the trails.

If the idea comes to fruition, the Ford Bronco pickup is said to be following the same principles as the Gladiator. It’ll keep the Bronco SUV styling, powertrain, and interior, but Ford will convert the cargo area to a pickup bed. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so the automaker will have their hands full developing a new body structure that’s stylish, functional, and can handle the type of beating Bronco’s are known to endure.

Although there isn’t much to work with, at least yet, if Ford decided to produce a pickup version of their Bronco, would it convince you to buy it?

2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

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