The 2022 Ford Maverick is the Perfect Light Work Truck

2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat | Ford

It’s not an EV, it’s not a subcompact SUV, it’s the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick, which is a compact pickup smaller than their latest Ranger and is ready to set the market ablaze. The manufacturer has been hush-hush about the details surrounding the truck, but today Ford released the news we’ve all been waiting to hear. The more we’ve read about it, the more we believe it’ll be the perfect work truck.

This highly anticipated debut allowed us to finally learn what they’ve been preparing for the public. It’ll the most affordable vehicle in their fleet, which is a brilliant move when you think about it. Pickup trucks are the most popular vehicles in the United States, and bringing down the price point for the most popular truck brand will open them up to capturing a new market, but it can also help businesses who rely on these machines to operate.

The hybrid model will yield 40 mpg in the city, a big selling point right now, especially if you’re someone driving long distances between work sites. The media release from Ford shows it’s good for 191 horsepower and 155-pound-feet of torque, but only comes with front-wheel-drive. However, an all-wheel-drive option is available and is powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder with 250 horsepower and 277-pound-feet of torque and it’ll be mated to an eight-speed transmission.

When purchasing a truck, you’re not typically worried about fuel mileage, unless you’re driving long distances each day. However, with rising gas prices, fuel economy is on our minds more than ever, so a truck that can tow up to 4,000 pounds, which is the size of a small travel trailer or a flat trailer with quite a bit of gear, fit an entire family or your work crew, and not generate a fortune at the pump is a a great reason to invest right now. It’s appealing to families and workers alike.

The 2022 Maverick fits snugly into the Ford pickup lineup beneath the Ranger and its body platform is based on the Escape and Bronco Sport. The unibody design keeps the weight down, allowing the hybrid model a 1,500 pound payload and tow a reasonable 2,000 pounds.

The Maverick is 68.7 inches tall and 199.7 inches long, compared to the Ranger’s 71.1-inch height and 210.8-inch length. Both Maverick options will be equipped with a 4.5 foot-bed, but with the tailgate down, you’ll squeeze out six feet. Despite its smaller stature, the four-door cabin will be a bit more spacious than the Ranger. The passengers will thank you later.

2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat | Ford

You can expect the Maverick to come in XL, XLT, and Lariat trims, which will be produced at Ford’s factory in Mexico. You’ll also have a FX4 off-road option that can be added to the XLT and Lariat trims that includes all-terrain tires, underbody protection, tuned suspension, and a custom traction control system. The little truck will be more than capable of handling the trails with these extra goodies or navigate the construction sites with ease.

Unlike the “frunk” offered in the electric F-150, the Maverick has a storage area under the rear bench large enough for laptop bags, tools, and other gear you might need. If the bed is loaded and the crew is in the truck, having this space to fit something like your lunch box is vital.

Say what you will about the truck, but it’s likely to net the auto brand some big bucks in an already crowded market. If you’re interested in purchasing, Ford is now accepting reservations for the most affordable truck in their lineup with deliveries expected by fall.

With the details finally released by Ford, is it enough to put you in the driver’s seat of a new 2022 Maverick?

2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat interior | Ford

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