Chevrolet Debuts New “Teen Driver” Mode

It’s no surprise, studies have shown that teenage drivers are more likely to make poor driving decisions, such as speeding, not fastening their seat belts, or distracted driving. Chevrolet has come up with technology, Teen Driver Technology, that gives parents tools to educate and counsel new drivers on important safe driving behaviors.

Teen Driver offers a number of safety functionalities, from the available industry-first Buckle to Drive feature, to muting the audio until front-seat occupants are buckled to automatically turning on available active safety technologies. Plus, the in-vehicle report card shows information about your teen’s driving so you can identify potential problem areas and coach your new driver on improvements.

The technology is designed to help young drivers remember to buckle up before hitting the road. If a driver tries to shift out of park and their seatbelt isn’t buckled, the feature won’t allow the driver to shift for 20 seconds. Plus, they’ll get audible and visual alerts.

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