Cars Fuel Massive Fire In New Jersey Auction House

What was already a destructive fire at US Auto Auction in Pennsauken, New Jersey, was made worse by all the fuel of the cars inside.

Firefighters got the 4-alarm call early Wednesday morning as the fire grew. It’s reported by local news ABC 7 that firefighters reported hearing small explosions inside the building as cars went up in smoke followed by a huge fireball.

Pennsauken Fire Chief Joseph Palumbo said the fire got so large partly due to the number of cars inside the building, along with tires and gasoline, which fueled the flames.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the scene. However, the fire did destroy at least three other businesses. US Auto Auction has not released the cause of the fire yet and it’s not reported how many vehicles were in the building at the time although it currently had more than 100 cars listed on its website.

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