Car Tries To Merge In Front Of Semi Truck But The Trucker Isn’t Having it

The highway can be a pretty dangerous place especially because a lot of people drive absolutely insane. For some reason a lot of people like to cut people off and merge directly in front of them with hardly any room. However, in this video the situation is pretty tricky. It’s not really clear who is at fault here but whatever the case may be, this escalated really quickly!

A semi truck can be seen driving down the highway minding his own business, when a Nissan pulls up beside him and decides to merge. Ok that’s fine, the trucker lets the Nissan over. Soon after that however, a Volkswagen also pulls up beside the truck and attempts to merge. This is when things get kinda crazy. There doesn’t really appear to be enough room and the semi truck also appears to be going at a high rate of speed but the Volkswagen continues to merge thinking they have plenty of room to do so. The Volkswagen driver seriously doesn’t realize they have NO room at all and this is when things turn really REALLY bad!

The Volkswagen somehow makes its way in front of the semi truck, causing both vehicles to veer off the side of the road and this ends up being a pretty wild accident! What do you think happened in this video!? Let us know in the comments!