Camaro Goes Up In Flames During Drag Race – HUGE Fireball!

Anything can happen during a drag race and anything and everything usually DOES at some point! When that much power is under the hood of a drag car, it leaves the door open for possible disasters that nobody sees coming, which can result in some pretty wild situations! There are a lot of videos out there of drag cars losing wheels, crashing into side barriers, going up in flames and so on.

The Camaro driver in this video definitely had a situation on his hands because the car literally goes up in flames in an insane green fireball! During a drag race, the Camaro takes off down the track. Everything looks normal at first but soon a MASSIVE fireball engulfs the inside of the car, causing the entire thing to go up in flames! Somehow though, the driver was able to pull off a spectacular save and keep the Camaro from crashing into the wall! Emergency crews immediately responded to the Camaro and thankfully the driver made it out just fine. It’s not clear what happened but everything ended up working out in the end. The Camaro definitely looked like it was going to need some work though. What do you think about it?