California Has Reversed Law Allowing Tickets For Loud Vehicle Exhausts

Finally, a bill signed by California Governor, Gavin Newsom, that gearheads can get behind. The bill will prevent drivers with excessively loud exhausts from receiving on-the-spot tickets. This reverses the legislature from 2018 that required officers to fine drivers with exhaust systems louder than the state-mandated 95-decibel limit. Instead, drivers will now be allowed to fix the issue and pay a small fee.

Senate bill SB-112 and amendment AB-390 were fought for by various members of the modified car community. These laws will effectively reverse amendment AB-1824 passed by former state governor Jerry Brown. They will be instated immediately.

Drivers will now be able to avoid fines as high as $197 as long as they can provide proof in court and pay a fee as low as $25 within 30 days of receiving the ticket.

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