Buggy Crashes, Does Cartwheels Down Hill!

A lot of crazy and wild crashes can happen when off roading, because there’s just so much that can go wrong especially when you’re dealing with all of the elements. When you’re trying to drive over giant rocks or driving through thick mud, all kinds of stuff can go wrong which results in some pretty crazy crashes and accidents. When buggy racing however, so much can go wrong but fortunately these buggies are designed for this sorta thing perfectly. The super strong roll cage and structure is designed to withstand any flips or crashes that can occur during off roading. This is especially safe for the driver of the buggy because they are so well protected while inside the buggy vehicle.

During some off roading this buggy was trying to make it over a muddy hill, when suddenly the buggy crashes and turns on its side! The buggy then tumbles down the hill and ends up doing a few cartwheels on the way down before finally landing on its side. Thankfully the rider was ok but it still made for a pretty wild looking crash! What do you think about this video? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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