Brilliant Homemade Commercial For 1996 Honda Results In Offers For 6-Figures

This guy and his fiancé know how to sell a used car. They made a homemade commercial to sell their 1996 Honda Accord with 141,000 miles and put it on eBay with a price of $499. After the video made its way to YouTube, the price soared to $150,000 after over 100 bids. Considering the price of a new 2018 Accord is around $23,000 we’d say they have a heck of a win on their hands.

The video creator, Max Lanman, put out a pretty impressive video that is right up there with any commercial from an automaker on TV. It stars an actress as his fiancé and an internet-famous cat, Papa Puff Pants, and pitches the idea that “Luxury is a state of mind”. The original eBay ad has been removed it violated its listing links policy by including Lanman’s email address but CarMax saw the video and reached out, offering Lanman $20,000 for the Honda, $5,000 for the cat and $2,000 for the coffee mug featured in the “commercial”. It appears to be a serious offer because at the end it states: the offer is redeemable at any of its 188 locations for the next seven days. “The Mexico mug is non-negotiable. The cat’s optional”. Proof that good marketing is apparently the key to success.