BMW E30 Does Massive Burnout On A Trailer (With Fireworks Too!)

This video was posted back in January for New Years but this is definitely one of the coolest videos ever! Many car enthusiasts still love the BMW E30 and for good reason! It was one of BMW’s most famous models, due to its superior handling on the racetrack. This particular BMW E30 has a V8 engine swap with a turbo!

Just seeing this E30 do a MASSIVE burnout on the back of this trailer is insane enough but with the added fireworks in the background, it looks really cool! Listening to the sound of the turbo also makes this something pretty special. At times, it gets almost hard to see the car because of all the insane amount of smoke surrounding it. At the end of the video, you see smoke pouring from inside the car. Whoever was driving it, definitely couldn’t see anything due to the smoke clouds everywhere! This is awesome! They probably will need some new tires though.

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