Biker Has Driver Pulled Over After Getting Slowly Cut Off, Who Was In The Wrong?

Alright, this one has been causing a debate. Who’s at fault in this situation. Is the motorcyclist overreacting? Or was the car driver in the wrong and his outburst justified?

Drivers in cars should always look out for those people driving on 2 wheels. Actually, drivers should just pay attention in general. But things like this happen all the time. And this motorcyclist just happened to have his dash cam on and rolling. As the two-lane road they’re on merges down to a single lane, you can see the truck driver in the front and then the motorcyclist and what looks like a Civic driver “battle it out” for lack of a better term for the next spot behind it. After the Civic driver pulls ahead and forces the motorcyclist to merge in behind her you can hear him start shouting at her.

He proceeds to tell her the correct way to merge and uses some adult language to express his anger. She drives away thinking the confrontation was over. But the motorcyclist has other plans. After reading her plates out loud he signals to a police officer who was in a nearby parking lot. Once he gets to the patrol car, the motorcyclist explains the Civic driver “pushed him out of his lane at the merge” and that he has it on camera. The officer pulls out and pursues the Civic driver. Unfortunately, we’re not sure how this ends as the video is cut off at that point but what do you think was the outcome? Let us know in the comments on FaceBook!