Beware Of Car Thieves’ Bumper Tapping Scheme

Things have been going nothing but wrong for receiver Kevin White since he was picked by the Chicago Bears back in the 2015 NFL draft. As if injuries holding him back from being on the field weren’t enough, last week it was reported that he had his expensive car stolen.

Lately, in Chicago, there has been a series of car thefts that involve a simple scheme that people need to be aware of. A person whose car is stopped at a light or a stop sign is bumped from behind. When they get out of the car to assess the damage, someone standing by waiting then steals their car.

And that’s exactly what happened to White’s girlfriend, who was driving his white Maserati, according to NBC Chicago. White’s girlfriend was rear-ended at a stop sign in the West Town neighborhood. When she got out to see if there was any damage, that’s when two men got in the car and drove off with it.

The car was one of White’s first purchases after he was the seventh overall draft pick.

NBC Chicago has reported at least seven other similar carjackings that have happened in the Chicago area recently, and police are warning people to not to leave their vehicles running if they exit their cars. So if you live in or are visiting the Chicagoland area, be aware of your surroundings.