Behind The Doors Of The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

This weekend on an all-new PowerNation we are on location at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in Speedway, Indiana. Katie and Gannon check out the museum where on any given day you can find 60 historic cars, 30 race winners, and of course, the coveted Borg-Warner Trophy. If that’s not enough you can see race memorabilia and other artifacts. The first-ever Indy 500 racecar winner from 1911 is stored in the museum and guess how much horsepower it made? 100 HP! Compare that to today’s cars that are pushing out 500-700 HP!

They take us through the process of moving the cars, and Rob McCrary of Sonax USA, who is the official car car supplier for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, shows us how they maintain the cars. Only the best products are trusted on these irreplaceable cars and Gannon gives Rob a hand in showing off just how well their products work!

It’s a show you won’t want to miss. Plus all four shops have brand new tech for you so tune in to Paramount Network Sunday at 9AM ET!