Another Slow Driver In The Left Lane Offender Bites The Dust

More and more cities are enforcing the “left lane” law. And it’s pretty satisfying to watch them get picked off one by one across the country. This time, an officer in Michigan pulls over a driver for cruising at the speed limit in the passing lane. The speed limit on that section of interstate that passes through Grand Rapids is 65 mph, and the driver seems to be barely doing that, often hitting somewhere between 62 and 68 mph in the left lane. Come on.

Then, the driver proceeds to pull over on the left side of the interstate after seeing the lights come on, which was another rookie move. Although for a driver that was going BELOW the speed limit in the left lane, that isn’t really surprisng.

Michigan is one of 44 states with a law on the books prohibiting people from cruising in the passing lane.