An HOA Is Up In Arms Over Mans Historic Tank

For those of you that have Homeowners Associations you know they can be a pain to deal with. And Tony Buzbee is finding that out first hand with his authentic WWII Sherman tank and his Houston, Texas neighborhood HOA, according to Jalopnik.

Buzbee is an attorney with the funds that give him the ability to spend $600,000 on one of the American tanks that landed at Normandy, went on to liberate Paris and then into Berlin to help end WWII. The tank is a significant piece of history and appears to have been restored to a high standard. That tank is now street-parked in front of his house in the fairly wealthy neighborhood so it’s not really surprising that the HOA has a problem with it.

And while there’s no specific ordinance against the tank, the HOA sent a firmly worded letter to Buzbee to remove it. The letter calls the tank a “safety issue,” and suggests it “impedes traffic” and causes “serious concerns for neighbors.” From various reports though, neighbor kids seem to like playing on it, and local news stations have found mostly positive responses from neighbors. And eventually, the tank will end up at Buzbee’s ranch, so it’s not even a permanent situation. What’s your opinion on it?

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