An Awesome Custom Garage Lift

If you’re a gearhead, chances are that you spend a good amount of time in the garage. And there’s a good chance that you’re constantly adding to your tool collection. So, this garage is probably most car guys’ dream, to say least. This garage is equipped with a lift probably like you’ve never seen before. When you need it, it’s ready but if you don’t, it’s nowhere to be found since it can tuck itself away in the floor.

Instead of just slapping any old lift in his garage, this guy decided to do something custom. It’s cool to watch this thing in action as it lifts up the Porsche before bringing it back to the ground to hide away. Would you want to add this to your garage collection?

Source: Speed Society

It’s a very special PowerNation On The Road as Gannon Pritchard joins Katie from a NASCAR race with guests Joey Logano and Rutledge Wood. Joey Logano is not only a successful race car driver but also a gearhead and car collector as well, you’ll see. Plus TV personality Rutledge Wood will talk about two of his current automotive projects and what happens when one of his rides has a faulty fuel gauge.

Gannon will also check out the fan area and introduce you to one very laid back and cool PowerNationTV fan. Plus our four shops in our 50,000 sq.f.t Tech Center have some great content for you so check it out this weekend!