A Wild Dirt Track Crash From 1951

Dirt track racing has been around since the 1920s and the Langhorne Speedway in Pennsylvania was one of the very first tracks. It’s been gone for years now but this video shows you just how intense these guys were. The race was in 1951 and surprisingly everybody involved in this wild crash survived.

The initial crash happened going into a turn and since they didn’t have the technology to alert other drivers, nobody knew what was going on so they kept racing –which is how the second, third, and multiple following crashes happened.

This week on PowerNation Katie’s featured ride belongs to viewer Dave Schultz from Ohio, it’s his 1963 Ford F100. He got the truck in 1991 and along with his friends rebuilt the truck to what you see now. After cutting away a lot of rust he added an Art Morrison rear clip and a Fat Man Fabrication front end and lowered it all 14 inches. Under the hood a stout 510 cubic inch big block making about 500 horsepower.

It’s painted in PPG Dodge “Viper Blue” but kept the interior looking stock. The problem came when the truck was all done Dave has killer heating issues in the cab with heat moving in from the engine and exhaust. He was stuffing towels and sweatshirts all over the cab to keep the heat from getting in, to no avail. His friend turned him on to Lizard Skin and now after the truck had been built sprayed on both Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control. Problem solved. Once again the automotive aftermarket to the rescue! Check it out this week along with some serious tech from our four shops.