A Whole Barn Jam-Packed Of Trans Am Project Cars

It’s hard keeping up with just one project car, but here we have a whole barn full of them. Restore A Muscle Car made a video of just what treasures have been stored in the owner’s barn. If you’re looking for a decent project car, you may be in luck. It looks like they may be trying to find homes for all of these cars. In a sea full of Trans Ams, there is a nice bright red Z/28 Camaro that he stops on for a split second. According to the website, they offer a variety of special model cars to choose from.

According to the YouTube description, he’s selling everything from 1970-1972 455 HO auto and manual Trans Ams, ’73 TAs and Formulas, ’71 Formula 455, ’69 Camaro, ’69 Firebird, ’79 Special Edition 4-speed TA, Ram Air TAs, etc.

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