A Video Might’ve Just Leaked Ford’s Possible New Commemorative Car

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have leaked some big news from Ford. There are rumors due to his “behind the scenes of a Ford commercial” video that the automaker may be planning a new commemorative edition of Steve McQueen’s fastback Mustang featured in the 1968 movie, Bullitt. Which is arguably still one of the most awesome car-action scenes of all time.

At around the 3 minute mark the camera scans by people and behind them are drawings of a current-generation Mustang with the dark green paint, dark wheels, and crosshair-style badge the eagle-eyed viewers on the forum, Mustang6G, think confirm the rendering as a Bullitt. This wouldn’t be he first Bullitt edition Mustang from Ford since they last released one in 2009 and earlier back in 2001. And although the car seems to look like a Bullitt edition, and Mustang enthusiast are sure of it…there’s no confirmation from Ford. So stay tuned to see what happens.

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