A Test Of Cheap V. Expensive Amazon Wrenches

It can be a lot of decisions trying to pick out just the right set of tools. You want quality, durability, and something that won’t cost an arm and a leg (if possible). And let’s be real, the majority of people out there don’t exactly have unlimited funds and can be (for lack of a better word) forced to pick and choose which tools get bought, which brands, etc. Even if this means sacrificing a few tools that are lesser quality to get those select high dollar tools you really want.

So since that’s sometimes the case it can be important to look at different reviews and see which tools are worth splurging on and which ones are okay to “cheap out” on. YouTuber, Wranglerstar, does that for you when they test out a cheap $5 crescent wrench and an expensive American made one that’ll put you back $35 – both are from Amazon. This is a classic case of “Can you save $30 by simply buying a model that has come out of a different country with all other quality factors remaining the same?”

To rate and test them they put two wrenches through a plethora of tests that show exactly what they can do and just how well (or not well) they hold up.