A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate!

We live in a world full of tailgaters unfortunately. People seem to do it all the time out on the roads, even though you’re not supposed to! After all the videos out there of people crashing from following too closely, you’d think less people would tailgate these days but apparently not! Not only is there a risk of someone brake checking them but also if there’s something dangerous up ahead, they can’t really see it because they’re so close to the car in front that the vehicle blocks the view of the road ahead.

This video is terrifying because of what COULD have been! A car in the video is tailgating a large work truck. Suddenly the work truck begins to change lanes. It becomes clear REALLY fast why this truck was changing lanes, because there’s a massive dump truck STOPPED in the middle of the road, which the car in the video ALMOST crashes into! Thankfully the driver was able to slow down and turn in time before colliding with the truck. If they weren’t following so closely they would’ve been able to see the road ahead and avoided this situation all together. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!