A Matching Trio Of 1969 Dodge Chargers Is Up for Sale, But There’s A Catch

What if someone told you there was a trifecta of classic Dodge Chargers up for sale, but you could only purchase them together? Well, there are three all-original 1969 Dodge Chargers up for sale including a Dodge Charger R/T SE, a Charger 500, and a Charger Daytona. But you do, indeed have to purchase all three of them together for a grand total of $420,000.

According to the listing, all three cars supposedly come with the same 375-horse, 440-cubic-inch V8, have automatic transmissions, and all of them are matching with the same R4 Charger Red paint.

Does getting three cars justify the $420,000 price tag? When you do the math it comes out to about $140,000 per car, which as far as Charger’s go these days is a bargain. Typically, Chargers at auctions have seen sale prices well into six-figure territory. In fact, our very own, Hard Charger built on Detroit Muscle just recently sold for $200,000 at Mecum Dallas. So for those of you with deep pockets, is it worth it?

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