A Man Is Auctioning Off His 700 HUNDRED Car Collection

This man has been building up a rare car collection for 50 years, and now he’s finally ready to sell them. All 700 of them, in one weekend-long car auction marathon. Ron Hackenberger is taking control in Norwalk, Ohio at the VanderBrink Auction and will be the only seller on the block.

According to Road and Track Ron has been building his collection since 1962 and they range from microcars, limos, vintage bikes, and his personal favorite, Studebakers…of which he has more than 250. His only requirement over the years is that the car has to be “Something you don’t see every day”. He originally planned to open a museum for the cars but decided to auction them off instead. You can see the whole list of cars on our website and if you find one you like, well head to the auction July 14th.