A Jaguar Tows A Man On Skiis At Over 100 MPH

There’s a world record for just about everything these days. Especially when it comes to the automotive industry you can have records for slowest, quickest, coolest, ugliest, you name it and they probably have an award or record for it. And there is apparently a Guinness world record for top speed skiing while being towed by a vehicle. See what we mean? According to the video from Jaguar, that used to be just under 70 mph. So, the automaker and Olympic skier Graham Bell took it upon themselves to beat that. And although it’s probably not the most “important” record out there it’s definitely impressive and actually a lot of fun to watch. Because this guy gets going pretty darn fast.

They headed to an undisclosed location somewhere in the Arctic Circle with a Jaguar XF S Sportbrake that puts out 380-horsepower and hooked Bell up for a ride with a final speed of about 117 mph. Talk about smashing the record. We’re kind of hoping for some go-pro footage from his helmet because that had to be a wild ride. It may not be Jaguar’s first Guinness World Record but we have to say it may be one of the coolest (pun not intended).