A Gearhead’s Dream…Drifting Lamborghinis And Nissan GT-Rs

No matter what your style of racing or preferance of cars is, this is something every gearhead can appreciate. We’ve all passed an old industrial part of town into and imagined a race track, you behind the wheel, fully lit sideways in some sports car you can’t afford. Well, here are those dreams made real by the guys at Monster.

This video is named Battledrift 2. It’s the sequel to when Daigo Saito ran his drift Lamborghini Murcielago against Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s drift Mustang.

But this time Daigo’s running against the UK’s Baggsy with a rear-drive Nissan GT-R running a turbo Chevy LSX V8 good for around 1,200 horsepower. Andy Laputka puts them in London not Japan, running in warehouses and docks. If the battle is judged purely on who can shoot more flames, we can all agree that Daigo remains undefeated.

A fan of drifting and want something new to get sideways in? You can’t tell us after watching that video you’re not. Well you can enter to win this Mustang built by Detroit Muscle, PowerStop, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. himself to put in your garage. You can find out all the details about the sweepstakes and enter to win here. Good luck!