A Biker Got Cut Off And A Free Ride On The Back Of A Toyota

Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, but definitely look twice when it comes to bikes. Because stuff like this happens every day but luckily this rider was okay. Youtuber HD2 was riding down the Hollywood Freeway in LA on his Harley when unfortunately his morning hit a roadblock. Literally.

The driver of the blue Toyota cuts over from the middle lane all the way to the HOV lane and cuts off the bike. With almost no time to react, the rider pulled in the clutch, hit the brakes and locked up the rear wheel but it was still too late. He ended up smashing into the back of the Toyota. He hit the car so hard that he flipped over the handlebars and landed on the rear window but that’s not the crazy part.

The Toyota driver was either unaware or didn’t care and continued driving until the biker pounded on the window enough to stop him. Finally, the driver pulled over, the cops came, and all was resolved. But unfortunately, the Harley didn’t make it.

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