4000HP Corvette Flies Through Air During Drag Race – INSANE!

We’ve seen these types of videos a lot in the past but not like this! This is one of the craziest airborne drag racing videos not only because of how high this Corvette flies but because half of the car body literally rips off mid-air.

URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS was there on Saturday when this all went down. Driver Daniel Pharris, was driving Andrew Alepa’s Twin Turbo C7 Corvette during the Radial Revenge event at Tulsa Raceway Park, Oklahoma.

When the race began, it seemed all was well when the C7 took off from the starting line. Suddenly, what turned out at first to look like a regular wheel-stand, turned into a fully airborne situation! As the Corvette was mid-air, the entire front part of the car, hood and fenders, rips off the car and flies away in pieces! The shocked audience gasps as the Corvette comes crashing down and skids across the racetrack.

Thankfully the driver was ok and uninjured. As for the Corvette, we imagine the damage being a costly one since a good part of the car is now missing! Luckily it seemed as though the engine was mostly intact and had only a minimal amount of smoke coming from it after the crash.