21 States Are Begging the EPA for Stricter Emissions Laws

Stricter Emissions Laws Could Be Coming

We have come a long way from the days when our vehicles would get eight gallons to the mile and produce substantial emissions. Automakers have done an excellent job increasing fuel economy and cleaning up the dirty air, but for some, it isn’t enough. Despite the difference, some states don’t believe it’s enough, and they’re asking for stricter emissions laws. This means we could soon see some even more drastic changes.

The EPA released new proposed fuel economy and emissions requirements a few months ago for cars and light trucks. The proposals raised fuel mileage to around 52 mpg by 2026, which is up substantially from the initial target of 40 mpg. These standards also need an annual ten percent increase in fuel economy up to 2023 and five percent until 2026. These new standards undo the previous administration’s expectations of 43.3 mpg by 2026.

In light of the strict nature of these new proposals, 21 attorney general’s fired back and demanded stricter emissions laws to combat the effects of climate change. In a letter published by Reuters, they describe there’s no time to wait for these technologies. They urge the EPA to address the risks of climate change and take action immediately. Most of us would jump for joy to get 52 mpg, so why isn’t it enough? That’s hard to tell.

The letter went on to criticize EV mandates. By 2030, the marketshare of EVs would only be eight percent under the current guidance, which isn’t sufficient, according to the AG’s. The current president said he was targeting a 50 percent market share of EVs roaming the roads by 2030, much lower than he claimed. You might wonder – which states participated in the letter? New York, Colorado, and California, to name a few. Some major cities also signed, including New York City, Denver, San Francisco, among others.

To date, we’ve taken significant strides to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. With manufacturers opting for turbocharged vehicles, they’ve been able to achieve goals. Some V8’s even achieved up to 25 mpg when geared properly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s enough, and we could be witnessing the beginning of even more stringent laws in place.

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